E Cigs Vs Traditional Cigarettes

Traditional cigarette smoke is hazardous not just to the health of the smoker but also to others who inhale the second-hand smoke. Wearing patches have proven ineffective for many smokers trying to quit and most people find creative inhalers to be useless.

While ongoing debates among experts abound regarding the safety and effectiveness of the electronic cigarettes, many people on e-cigarette reviews see them as the ideal replacement for traditional cigarettes. There are a number of wonderful, less-debatable benefits of e-cigs, particularly when compared to conventional cigarettes. Some of these are highlighted below:

E-Cigs Can Actually Assist in Breaking Addiction

Over the years, nicotine addiction has proven lethal at such a level that the use of nicotine is still viewed as a crime in some regions. More individuals have failed in their attempt to quit smoking than the ones who have succeeded. Furthermore, among the ones who stopped smoking, many have relapsed.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are typically strong and could cause individuals to relapse. However, e-cigarettes can make the symptoms less intense. It is designed to help smokers to wean themselves from nicotine addiction. This is done by simultaneously fighting the physical addiction.

Most smokers trying to quit choose e-cigarettes with the highest nicotine strength they can find. This approach is normal as drastically dropping the nicotine level will similarly affect the body as sudden quitting does. Gradually dropping the nicotine strength will assist the body in readjusting until nicotine is no longer required to function.

E-Cigs are Less Obvious

There are a number of smokers who prefer to keep that habit a secret from their loved ones. In contrast to conventional cigarettes, e-cigs do not leave an offensive smell on your clothes or in your hair. Vapers can exercise discretion and avoid the horrid cigarette smell.

More Freedom is Allowed

Unlike traditional cigarettes, you can vape e-cigs anywhere; this includes offices, restaurants, hotels or public spaces. “No-smoking zones” are not for e-cigs, so there is no need to lock yourself away in order to smoke. They can be vaped at any time without concerns of arrest, harassment or complaints since they only produce vapors and are totally smoke-free.

The majority of individuals, particularly non-smokers, will agree that the offensive smell of conventional cigarettes is irritating. However, these smokeless devices can be freely and confidently vaped without causing others any inconvenience.

E-Cigs’ Pleasure is Less Lethal

Smokers get pleasure from their cigarettes; pleasure that has, in many cases, proven deadly. E-cigs provide a less lethal type of pleasure. E-liquid is available in an assortment of flavors, including strawberry, cherry, and vanilla to heighten the pleasure of the vaper.

All that is required is choosing an e-cigarette with your favored e-liquid. When breathed in, the vapor typically seems appetizing and nourishing. They leave lingering smells of tasty sweets and fruits; unlike conventional cigarettes with their offensive smell.

They are Safer and More Environmentally Friendly

Unattended cigarettes often cause outbreaks of fire. A lot of times when burning cigarettes make contact with flammable substances and other materials, they end up causing an uncontrollable fire, some of which cause great damage to lives and property and have even led to the loss of lives.

With e-cigs the danger is eradicated as it neither produces smoke nor uses fire. E-cigs are run on battery power and as such, they tend to significantly lower the level of pollution and loss caused by conventional cigarettes.

Greater Choice at an Affordable Cost

E-cigs are available in various colors and styles. You can check them out on e-cig websites like https://www.ecassoc.org/vape-tanks/ before purchasing. Some e-cigs are designed to resemble pipes, ballpoint pens, and cell phones. There are others that are made to mimic the look, size, color, and shape of conventional cigarettes.

Furthermore, they do not cost as much. For those who smoke traditional cigarettes, the monthly cost is approximately two times the price of vaping. For example, an e-cig starter kit with its batteries and cartomizers could cost between $20 and $40, based on how often you vape. However, this is nothing in comparison to smoking a pack of cigarette daily; this could cost between $5 and $8 per day.

The desirable goal of using e-cigarettes is to lower the unhealthy and excessive intake of nicotine and ultimately quit smoking. As such, e-cigs are obviously a more desirable option than conventional cigarettes. The fact that e-cigs can also assist smokers in withdrawing from the carcinogenic conventional cigarettes is a remarkable added bonus.